Corporate Volunteering

Working with Groups

The Volunteer Center of South Jersey provides wide-ranging services to business organizations seeking a connection in the community through volunteerism.

Complimentary Services

The Volunteer Center acts as an information resources and connection to the non-profit community. We can help your employees find volunteer opportunities (individual or as a group) through our regular newsletters and other volunteer program publications.

Employee Volunteer Programs (EVP)

The Volunteer Center provides customized, fee based management services to assist businesses establish and implement a successful volunteer program. Whether your goal is a one-day project, a volunteer fair, or a long-term, sustainable EVP (Employee Volunteer Program) that matches your company’s mission and goals, we will work with you to create a successful program that will mobilize your employee and organizational strengths to make a lasting impact in our community. The Volunteer Center’s consulting services are provided based on the needs of the organization, and reasonable fees are based on the time commitment, complexity of the project, size of the organization, time of year, and other costs associated with the project.