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Q: What Does the Volunteer Center Do?

Our mission at the Volunteer Center of South Jersey is three-fold: promoting volunteerism by matching individuals with the perfect volunteer opportunity; connecting volunteers to our network of nonprofit organizations; and providing community agencies with essential resources in the hopes of bettering our community by meeting local needs.


Q: Does the Volunteer Center Need Volunteers?

Yes, we do. In an effort to fulfill our mission, the Volunteer Center holds a number of events throughout the year for which we are always looking for extra help on a variety of different projects. We also have volunteer clerical positions available as well as opportunities to serve on our Board of Directors. Click here to see how you become part of our family.


Q: Is the Volunteer Center Part of Rowan College Gloucester County?

While the Volunteer Center is an independent, non-profit organization, we are graciously housed by RCGC.  In July 2018, VCSJ entered into a formal partnership with the college to become the campus Office on Civic Engagement and Volunteerism. If you have a question about the college, such as admissions, grades, transcripts, GED courses or class schedules, please contact the college at 856-468-5000. For more information, please visit the RCGC website.


Q: Can the Volunteer Center Help with Economic or Personal Problems?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide direct services. Our mission here at the Volunteer Center is to promote volunteerism in South Jersey and support the nonprofit community. However, the Volunteer Center can refer you to one of our network nonprofits, or visit the Heart of South Jersey, a resource that will help you find the assistance you need.


Q: Do I Have to Be a Certain Age or Have a Certain Skill set to Volunteer?

Each volunteer opportunity is seeking a person with a specific skill set. Our goal at the Volunteer Center is to find the perfect match for each of our potential volunteers.

At the Volunteer Center, we believe there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone — a position that fits their abilities perfectly. So while there may be organizations with age restrictions, we work with each individual to discover a volunteer position suitable for them.