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The benefits of volunteering include an overall good feeling (mentally & physically). What better way to help your neighbors than connecting with a New Jersey nonprofit organization. Find a cause that you're passionate about, track your hours and experiences at the GetConnected portal.  Learn more


The Volunteer Center and Jersey Cares host a number of signature service projects throughout the year, including MLK and 9/11 Days of Service events. Learn more


VCSJ believes that the best ways to cultivate next generation volunteers is to show by example. That's why we lead the New Jersey Family Day of Service Initiative across the State. Encouraging families to Make a Difference Together.  Learn more



In 2017, Volunteer Center of South Jersey launched “connect and serve,” an initiative to recruit municipalities to e-share information about VCSJ and its connections to community volunteer needs. It is our hope that the municipalities across our region will consider dedicating a page to encourage giving back through volunteerism and by linking to VCSJ. Learn more



col·lab·o·ra·tion - the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Jersey Cares, a nonprofit organization, established in 1993, recruits and engages volunteers in rewarding, effective efforts that address community-identified needs. We partner with local nonprofits to identify needs and implement volunteer projects to meet these needs.

Jersey Cares provide individuals, families, corporate employees and community groups with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that range from tutoring children to painting new murals in schools. Jersey Cares is an affiliate of the Points of Light network, an innovative alliance of volunteer catalysts throughout the world.  Learn more

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