Sponsorship Support

Why Sponsor VCSJ?

  • We are a civic organization that mixes with the business community everyday.
  • We touch over 5,000 residents in seven counties, including 3,400+ volunteers of all ages.
  • We have been working with corporate sponsors for 20-plus years.
  • We are an “entrepreneurial” non-profit, seeking new ideas and collaborative partnerships.

VCSJ's Sponsorship Marketing:

  • email (5,000+)
  • website (3,000 hits per month)
  • social media (>2,000 followers)
  • local and on campus advertising
  • several different events to choose from (see below)

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Benefits of a VCSJ Sponsorship:

  • Enhancing company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and credibility to the public about products and services
  • Recruiting, retaining or motivating employees
  • Fostering talent and teaching new skills to employees
  • Increasing brand loyalty (i.e. brand differentiation, changing or strengthening brand image)
  • Creating company or product awareness and visibility
  • Driving retail traffic or sales
  • Highlighting community responsibility, or corporate social responsibility
  • Building new and deeper community networks
  • The opportunity to have the public sample a new product or service