Jersey Cares Club


Join the Jersey Cares Club:

The Volunteer Center has joined forces with Jersey Cares to bring a new volunteer experience to your school. This club adds an educational component to community service. Students learn how to find needs in the community through community mapping, along with other skills. We increase volunteer engagement within our very own state by completing impactful donation drives, youth service events, fundraisers, and other projects. The club is flexible to the needs of your school from integrating into an existing club or starting a new club entirely.

Our Goal:

We envision a state where everyone is motivated to make a positive difference within their communities. To achieve this goal, we wish to spread the Jersey Cares Club across school districts in the state. We aim to increase volunteerism and the value of giving back in elementary schools, K-8th schools, middle schools, and high schools everywhere.


The Jersey Cares Club allows students to dive deeper into volunteering with hopes of creating lifelong volunteers. Students learn through workshops then apply that to a service project that rounds out their academic year. VCSJ and Jersey Cares are great resources for finding volunteer hours and opportunities for your students.

For more information about starting Jersey Cares Club at your school, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Jersey Cares Connect - Our App:

The Jersey Cares Club is creating a simple, easy to use app for the Jersey Cares organization that not only creates a localized feed to spread information about events and drives, but also provides a better way for hosts to keep track of who is volunteering. This app will combine three things: an interactive, social media style platform of Instagram to encourage interest in the organization; a tracking hours feature; and an easy way to show donors what Jersey Cares does and their past events. Clubs will also be able to communicate amongst each other regarding new projects and make them county or even state-wide! The current release date for the app is set for September 2022.