Connect Your Citizens to Service

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Motivational saying that you need to be the change you want others to see, don't let others direct you

Join Our Effort To Increase Volunteerism

Earlier this year the Volunteer Center of South Jersey launched “connect and serve,” an initiative to recruit municipalities to e-share information about VCSJ and its connections to community volunteer needs.

Simply adding a link to the local town’s website, e-newsletters and other publications, residents can connect to a plethora of local nonprofits and their volunteer needs. The initiative also encourages city government to recognize their fine citizens and their dedicated commitment to serve. Elected officials can also award proclamations and other small recognition awards.

It is our hope that the municipalities across our region will consider dedicating a page to encourage giving back through volunteerism and by linking to VCSJ. The Volunteer Center provides an online mobile friendly web application, cutting a volunteer's search time by 75%, as they can apply in “real-time,” 24/7.

If your think your town can benefit through a connection to VCSJ, please let your township officials know and point them to our office.

For more information, contact us at 856-415-9084, or contact Michele at